Additional Information

Other important notes for the tournament weekend

  • Each venue will have a Field Marshal station for team check in, please take your Player ID cards to the field Marshal at least 45 min before the first game. 
  • We are accepting 2023-2024 and/or 2024-2025 Player ID Cards. All cards must have photos and be laminated
  • We will have match reports with your roster already printed for you at the field.  If you were not able to type in your roster on-line, please allow a little time to write in your player names at the field.  
  • If you are at a school venue (Marshall MS or Bancroft MS) please let your parents know there are no dogs allowed at the school venues.  The public parks allow dogs.
  • Admiral Park – if you are playing here, there are NO chairs or pop-ups allowed due to turf field.  There is also a strict water only policy.
  • Molina Park – strict water only policy, no sports drinks or food due to turf.